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طفلة فلسطينية تواجه وتقاتل جنود اسرائيليين 2/11/2012

مرح وعهد التميمي طفلتان فلسطينيتان تحاولان تخليص والدتهم من ايدي جنود العدو

BBC backs report that omitted killings of Palestinians during Gaza truce | The Electronic Intifada

BBC backs report that omitted killings of Palestinians during Gaza truce | The Electronic Intifada

Kill the Messenger Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Jeremy Renner Crime Movi...

The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11

Noam Chomsky Blasts the United States for Supporting Israeli Injustice

Apartheid State

Palestinian Leader Bassem Tamimi, Producer Walter Davis, Author Miko Peled in San Diego October 2014
22 October 2014
By Walter Davis

What would you have done -
During slavery times, during South African Apartheid, in Europe during the Jewish purge, during Native American genocide in America...if you had lived in those times?

What you are doing NOW during the genocide of the Palestinians is a good indication of what you would have done then.

The murderous actions being taken in Palestine are far worse than slavery or South African apartheid. In those systems, Black people were needed for their labor and they were at least marginally supported. In the racist Israeli genocide, the Zionists want NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PALESTINIANS. If they die...that is fine...if they must be complete. If the children die in the street...that is ok. If they cannot get food, medical care or get to their backyards due to an Israeli fence separating their property...too bad.

Small children murdered in the street. Grandmothers bulldozed in their homes. Fathers killed. Small bodies placed in freezers in ice cream parlors because there is no morgue.

Treaties mean nothing. There are illegal settlements by the Israeli Zionists. U.N. sanctions mean nothing.

While Detroit gets a total of $17 million dollars to help with financial problems, Israel gets 8.5 million U.S. tax dollars per day in foreign aid.

The Nazis did the  same thing to Jews during World War II. How ironic that the modern day Jews inflict the same pain on others....with U.S. tax payer money.

The vicious policies of the United States and Israel are a reflection of the genocide against Native American nations during the vicious western expansion: Americans violated treaties, killed women and children, took land from the rightful owners, committed mass murder. This is illustrated further with the observation of Columbus Day - Columbus murdered 250,000 people in the "New World".

Like the current Zionist Israelis, the American settlers wanted NOTHING to do with the Native Americans. A good Indian was a dead Indian. Further, these people were NOT Indians..they were Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Mohawk, Seminole, Huron, Dakota, Black Feet, Cheyenne, Pala, Pechanga...and others.

Then, as now, America has failed to live up to its own laws. Our government has failed us. ...failed to live up to international law.

And so...we have it ISIS...and other....FREEDOM fighting groups growing.....our government making enemies out of people that could be behaving quite differently...if our government was performing as an example of freedom, dignity...observation of unalienable rights.

So I ask again, what are you DOING today....when one of the most terrible, brutal, savage governments in murdering innocent people...WITH your tax dollars....and making enemies...for YOU....the American citizen.

War on the Poor

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The Business of Disease Official Film Screening

The Business of Disease Official Film Screening


  •  to 
  • Laemmle Theater

    5240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA (edit map)
  • The Business of Disease Documentary Premier!
    This is the official release of the film! 
    Join us!
    Saturday, November 15th, @ 10:30am-12:30pm
    Meet those in the film!
    Q&A after the film

    No charge for this event

    Reserve seat/s

    Bring friends and family!
    Laemmle Theater NoHo7
    Saturday, November 15th
    5240 Lankershim Blvd
    North Hollywood, CA 91601
    Get your copy of the book now and have it signed at the Premier! 
    (A chapter written by those in the film)
    (818) 899-1133
    Please visit 
    for a list of additional screenings
    Visit this link for further details
    Also visit the website to check for upcoming screenings in your area!
    If you would like to host a screening please contact us
    *** Reservations not necessary but it ensure a seat for you and your guests!


The Business of Disease official trailer 2013



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