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Wetiko: The Illness of Greed

One of the words that needs to be in our vocabulary is the Cree word Wetiko.

This was their word to describe people who “ate themselves”, meaning, people who took advantage of others due to greed.

Christopher Columbus was described as having Wetiko.

The Cree believed it to be a psychological disorder of Europeans that invaded their lands and murdered them AFTER they helped them survive.

 It is Wetiko that allows Walmart family owners to be happy when they are worth more than 79% of all the black people in the United States, while the pay low wages to workers.

It is Wetiko that allows Zionists to steal the land of Palestinians while labeling those who speak out against them as anti semitic.

Wetiko allows 300 people to be worth more than all the rest of the people on this planet combined….and think it is ok….while most live on $2 per day.

Wetiko allows the criminal injustice system to deliver justice on the basis of how much one can pay.

Wetiko allows colonization, apartheid, slavery…unequal pay.

Wetiko allows our congressional representatives to obtain our votes then, to work for corporations that pay the highest bid.

Wetiko allows many of us to allow children to live on the street with their parents as we sit comfortably at our Thanksgiving tables with plenty, without a care for others.

Wetiko allows us to spend 66% of our treasure on war and stealing the freedom and resources of others.

Wetiko normalizes the abuse of elderly people, the cut back of their benefits and a total disregard for their great contributions to our society over a lifetime.

Wetiko has allowed banksters to steal our homes, our equity our financial futures…over and over again.

Wetiko has resulted in the establishment of The Federal Reserve, the development of a Fiat economy…where banksters make money up out of thin air, make it scarce, and charge interest for loaning it.

Wetiko has allowed GM and Firestone to destroy the mass transit infrastructure of Los Angeles by cementing the subway closed (larger than New Yorks at its peak), so the more of us would drive cars.

Wetiko has allowed the destruction of the affordable electric car and its batteries in favor of dirty, fossil burning cars.

Wetiko allows this country to steal the minerals of Afghanistan in the guise of spreading democracy or chasing Taliban.

Wetiko is what threatens the social security system and has bankers salivating over getting their hands on our hard earned money…so they make take it and squander it.

Wetiko has allowed many corrupt politicians to redistrict maps, to falsely invalidate voters and to turn them away as the voting polls.

Wetiko has Americans fighting themselves over TVs, toys and other things on Black Friday….while padding the pockets of greedy corporate retailers.

Wetiko…know it, read about it, discuss it….stop it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mississippi Civil Rights Activists Honored by President Obama

Ricky Jackson Exonerated After 39 Years in Jail

[SDCPJ] 5 Ways to Honor Native People on Thanksgiving (and everyday)

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Subject: Remember Native People on Thanksgiving (and Everyday)!

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5 Ways to Honor Native People on Thanksgiving


Stories told about the first Thanksgiving often perpetuate harmful stereotypes and racism. It is important to set the record straight, debunk myths and show Native Americans as contemporary people with dynamic thriving cultures. 


November is National Native American Heritage Month and offers many opportunities to move past one-dimensional representations.  



1. Learn the Real History of Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving, like Columbus Day, serves as a reminder of the genocide and violence Native communities experienced.  Learn about Thanksgiving and early colonial history from the Native perspective.

A Wampanoag's perspective on the first Thanksgiving's 5 Facts About Thanksgiving Your History Teacher Left Out 
Christopher Moraff's 2012 piece, "Should We Rename Thanksgiving 'National Ethnic Cleansing Day'?" in Philadelphia magazine.

Do American Indians celebrate Thanksgiving? By NMAI Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month Guide

  •  Watch Captured 1614

    Captured 1614: Introduction
    Captured 1614: Introduction

    The video details the 1614 kidnapping of twenty Wampanoag men from Patuxet, the Wampanoag village that eventually became Plymouth Colony, by European explorers who planned to sell them and the additional seven Natives taken from Nauset on Cape Cod as slaves in Spain. Its is an introductory video for the Captured 1614 exhibit created for Plymouth 400 and the Indian Spiritual and Cultural Training Council. All of the cast and most of the crew are Wampanoag. This exhibit is scheduled to start touring New England in November and continue through 2020.

    Learn more here


    2. Celebrate Native People.

    Finally mainstream media is focusing on the amazing Native talent Indian County has to offer.  Check out these talented artists: Frank Waln, Nataanii Means, Mike Clifford, and Inez Jasper.

    Rebel Music offers Common Core-based curriculum. Share it with the teachers in your life!


    • Read The Works of Native Authors

    For many years, Native people were silenced and their stories were marginalized. That's why it's especially important to read stories about Native characters, told in Native voices. Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with these great books by Native writers.
    10 Children's Books by Native Writers 



    3. Buy Native This Holiday. 

    • Come to our Cultural Survival Bazaars and support Native artists.There are 4 more Cultural Survival Bazaars left this season.


    Support our talented artists: Hawk Henries, Sierra Henries, Fire Hawk Studio, Lenny Novak and Rosanne Menard


    • Not local to Boston? Support Native artists online though the Buy Native Campaign.




     Check out Beyond Buckskin, RezonateArt, and ButterflyBuffalo,  Eighth Generation and Inspired Natives ProjectBuy Native.



    4. Share Positive Representations of Native People

    Project 562 and Red Works Photography showcase contemporary Native America and Canada with grace, beauty and style. 

    Matika Wilbur and Nadya Kwadibens are changing the perceptions of Native and First Nations people.

    Matika Wilbur's 562 Project


    Seen through the lens of Nadya Kwandibens



    5. End Racist Native Mascots in Sports


    There are still more than 1,000 high school, university and professional teams that continue to have Native American mascots. Though changes have been made at the high school and college levels, at the professional level there has been virtually no change. Start the change in your community. Check out our Abolishing Racist Native Mascots: A Toolkit for Change. Get involved: #NotYourMascot, #ChangeTheName, and #NoHonorInRacism.


    NCAI's Proud To Be
    NCAI's Proud To Be





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