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American Red and Black: Stories of Afro-Native Identity (FULL, 2006)

Hannibal B. Johnson - Apartheid in Indian Country?: Seeing Red over Blac...

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The future of race in America: Michelle Alexander at TEDxColumbus

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Harvard professor identifies the 'worst nightmare' in America right now

By Nicole Sinclair - Original Article 

“The confused national discourse about our economy and future prosperity in this election year is our worst nightmare,” Harvard Professor Michael Porter writes. “There is almost a complete disconnect between the national discourse and the reality of what is causing our problems and what to do about them. This misunderstanding of facts and reality is dangerous, and the resulting divisions make an already challenging agenda for America even more daunting.”
In its just-released report on competitiveness, “Problems Unsolved and a Nation Divided: State of US Competitiveness,” Harvard Business School (HBS) found the US economy currently faces grave concerns. And the path to a solution—namely tax reform, immigration reform, and infrastructure investment—is being hindered by the current political climate.
Led by Porter, along with Professors Jan Rivkin and Mihir Desai, the report finds that since the launch of the US Competitiveness Project in 2011, concerns about weak job creation and stagnating incomes—particularly for the middle class—have not waned.

The severe 2009 recession is not the cause of our slow recovery

Porter explains while many pundits and politicians have focused on the Great Recession to diagnose America’s economic woes, this is misguided.
“Despite the hope of finding reasons for optimism, the ‘recovery’ remains slow and uneven, largely because America’s competitiveness problems took root long before the downturn,” Porter writes. “Since those problems remain unsolved, it should not be surprising that the average annual economic growth (1.6%) during the current recovery is slower than during any recovery since the late 1940s.”
The report adds that the wrong diagnosis, along with political paralysis in Washington, has meant that we have made no meaningful progress on any of the critical policy measures needed to address the nation’s underlying competitive weaknesses—which would restore economic growth and also the standard of living for the average citizen.
“America’s economic strategy defaulted to trusting that the Federal Reserve could solve our problems through monetary stimulus,” according to the report.

The key problem: Lack of shared prosperity

Porter says the key issue for America today is a lack of “shared prosperity,” as working and middle-class citizens are struggling.
“The lack of shared prosperity has rightly been a central issue in the 2016 campaign, but the diagnoses and proposed solutions are way off the mark,” the report points out.
As the middle class began to stagnate amid globalization and technological change, instead of increasing investments, the US made “unsustainable promises” to maintain the “illusion of shared prosperity,” the report notes. That included extending credit, expanding entitlements and increasing public-sector benefits.
The report points out that while politicians resort to blame—from immigrants to Wall Street to well-off Americans to other countries, big business and international trade—the solutions offered are “emotionally appealing but simplistic and deeply misguided.”
The HBS report focuses on solutions to make the US more competitive, allowing businesses to compete in domestic and international markets while improving wages and living standards of the average citizen.
“When these occur together, a nation prospers,” according to the report. “When one occurs without the other, a nation is not truly competitive and prosperity is not sustainable.”

Lackluster growth: A breakdown of metrics

The manifestation of competitiveness is productivity, Porter explains. A nation can only compete successfully and pay rising wages through high value of output per worker and per dollar of capital invested.
But productivity growth has been stuck below long-term levels, hitting negative territory in the last three quarters.
Source: Harvard Business School US Competitiveness Project
Source: Harvard Business School US Competitiveness Project
Wages have stagnated and business investment is also lagging given uncertain prospects.
As the report highlights, between the 1970s and 1990s, the US economy created private sector jobs at a long-run rate of 2% per year. But the rate, which began to decline around 2001, remains well below historical standards.
The report adds that not only has job growth slowed but most of the jobs created since 2000 have been in “local” industries such as health care, hospitality, and business services. Local jobs—as opposed to “traded jobs” that are exposed to international competitions such as machinery and IT equipment—pay lower average wages.
And slow job creation has led to low workforce participation, or the proportion of working age Americans in the active workforce, which peaked in 1997—well ahead of the Great Recession.
The report points out that while some observers have minimized declining workforce participation to retiring baby boomers, the bigger drivers are weak demand for low-skilled labor along with high incarceration rates of low-skilled men. Meanwhile, baby boomers are actually working longer than historical norms. While the official unemployment rate has improved to 4.9% for the entire population and 5.1% for the working population (ages 16-64), the report points out that if workforce participation stayed at the level seen in 1997, current levels of employment would imply a rate of 11.1% for the working population.
“Given the number of potential workers sitting on the sidelines, not in the official workforce but eligible to work, talk of a tightening labor market seems premature, especially for lower-skill and lower-income workers,” according to the report.
This helps set the stage for why wages and income levels for Americans have been under pressure, particularly for lower-income groups.
Source: Harvard Business School US Competitiveness Project
Source: Harvard Business School US Competitiveness Project
Meanwhile, the annual growth rate of quarterly private investment in intellectual property, structures and equipment remains weak, falling below historical rates, according to the report. For 2010-2016, the average quarterly investment by business as a percent of GDP was lower than it has been since the 1980s, hurting productivity further.
And all of this comes as GDP growth has remained tepid for a longer period than realized, on a downward trajectory since the 1960s with a significant step-down beginning around 2000.
Source: Harvard Business School US Competitiveness Project
Source: Harvard Business School US Competitiveness Project
Porter says the key barrier to progress is the political system.
“We’ve concluded after these five years of work on this that actually the political system and the political rhetoric is the problem at the core,” Porter said. “Because of the political gridlock we’ve not been able to make any progress on a lot of the basics.”
For more on the study, please see below:

Our National Security at Risk With Intricate Business Relationships Influencing Government

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[SDCPJ] Fwd: War on Trial Film Screening

From: Peace Resource Center of San Diego <>
Date: September 14, 2016, 4:38:51 PM 
Subject: War on Trial Film Screening
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War on Trial Film Screening

The Peace Resource Center of San Diego 
.....working for peace, social justice, and the environment since 1980

War on Trial Film Screening

The PRC is hosting a film screening with the producers of the documentary War on Trial. Join us for a showing of the film followed by a discussion! This will kick off our Fall Nonviolence Education Series. Refreshments will be provided.
Saturday October 1st at 1:00pm
3850 Westgate Pl.
San Diego, CA 92105
In the sanctuary space of the First Church of the Brethren


For a preview of the film visit our website:

This film follows seasoned peace activists as they take part in protests to 'put war on trial.'

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Ask your member of Congress to commit to voting NO on the TPP!
Explore. Enjoy. Protect.
Call 1-888-701-6507 now and tell your Representative to vote NO on the toxic TPP!

Sample script:
Hi, my name is Patricia and I live in San Diego.
I'm calling to ask my representative to commit to voting NO on the TPP trade deal that endangers our climate and empowers big polluters. I oppose this corporate trade deal and the underhanded attempts to push this deal through in the last days of Congress.
Thank you.


Unless we act now, one of the last acts of the Obama Administration and this Congress may be approving the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). For a President that has otherwise been a leader on climate issues, this would be an incredible disappointment. We can't, and won't, let that happen.
As opposition to the corporate trade deal continues to grow, its supporters are planning a last-ditch attempt to pass the trade agreement during the lame duck session of Congress -- after voters have gone to the polls in November.
Call 1-888-701-6507 now and ask your representative to commit to voting no on the TPP!
Ramming through an unpopular trade deal in the final days of the Congress would be a disaster for our climate. Though trade can significantly increase climate-disrupting emissions, the TPP text fails to even mention the words "climate change."
The TPP would also undermine efforts to address climate disruption and keep fossil fuels in the ground. It empowers multinational fossil fuel firms like TransCanada to use the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) system to challenge environmental safeguards in private trade tribunals.
Under the TPP, the U.S. Department of Energy would also be required to automatically approve all exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to TPP countries -- leading to increased fracking, greater air and water pollution, and additional health risks.
Some Representatives are still deciding whether or not to support this toxic trade deal. This national call in day is designed to keep the pressure on and make sure our members of Congress know their constituents oppose this toxic deal!
Call your representative now at 1-888-701-6507 and ask him or her to oppose the TPP and underhanded attempts to push the trade deal through in the final days of this Congress.
Patricia, the grassroots opposition to this corporate trade deal has been inspiring. We're on the cusp of a huge victory, but that could all be snatched away with a rushed vote in Congress.
I hope you'll pick up the phone now and make a call. If you're already on your mobile device, just click on the phone number and you'll be connected.
Ilana Solomon
Sierra Club
P.S. Once you make your call, please help us spread the word by tweeting out our call in day image!

[SDCPJ] Fwd: NEWS ADVISORY: Local veterans encourage the public to stay home from the Miramar Air Show

Chapter members and friends of the San Diego Veterans For Peace will be "bannering" above the I-15 at the Carroll Canyon Road exit again this Thursday, September 15th, as well as many future dates prior to the air show, from 4 PM to 6 PM, against the continuation of the annual September Miramar Air Show as it exists, and to encourage the general public to stay home. 
Who:    Chapter members and friends of the San Diego Veterans For Peace, the local chapter of the national Veterans For Peace organization
When:      Thursday, September 15th, 2016 and future dates prior to the September 23-25 air show
Where:      Carroll Canyon Road overpass along the I-15
Why:      Each year, San Diego hosts the giant Miramar Air Show, which is attended by up to 500,000 people.  This air show is typical of many other air shows around the country in that it attempts to glorify and glamorize war and militarism, as well as being an excellent opportunity for defense contractors and the overall military industrial complex to sell products which lead to the deaths and injuries of so many people on earth.  The San Diego Veterans For Peace, with veteran members of all five services, is opposed to these "war shows" and is asking the public to stay home and to provide more wholesome entertainment to their children and families than the Miramar Air Show provides.  As part of this educational outreach, veterans will be located with banners on the Carroll Canyon Road overpass of I-15 from 4 PM to 6 PM on various dates just prior to the air show. 
The press and the public are invited to join the San Diego Veterans For Peace on the Carroll Canyon Road overpass this Thursday.
For more information or for interviews of involved veterans, please contact David Patterson, US Air Force veteran, at 760-207-9139 or at
This NEWS ADVISORY provided by:
San Diego Veterans For Peace
Gil Field, Director for Communications

Monday, September 12, 2016

[SDCPJ] Second Annual Conference on Labor and Community Solidarity - 9/17 - SDSU

Second Annual Conference on Labor and Community Solidarity

September 17th, 2016

San Diego State University – Storm Hall - See map at

When We Fight We Win!



Over the last year, we have seen the power of labor and community organization to come together and win. The Fight for $15, contract negotiations of the California Faculty Association on the California State University campuses, the CWA strike against Verizon, and more.


We have also seen important examples of working people and their community supporters stand together to defend union, human, and worker rights. This includes efforts of teachers across Mexico defending themselves against state efforts to break their union. Reminiscent of the great labor struggles of the United Farm Workers (UFW), farmworkers on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border taking action building international support for a boycott of one of the world’s largest corporate agricultural producers who refuses to negotiate in good faith.


We have also witnessed a higher level of collaboration between labor, students, and community members. This includes efforts to defend renters’ rights, the inclusion of solidarity and social justice stipulations in contract negotiations, and labor-community mobilizations behind campaigns that represent our interests from the workplace to our neighborhoods.


This year’s conference will capture and communicate these new developments in a format where we can share, learn, and strengthen the labor movement and the ties with community-based social justice organizations. Join us!


Keynote Speakers and Special Guests:


Dennis Childs - Author, Slaves of the State: Black Incarceration from the Chain Gang to the Penitentiary

Amy Muldoon - CWA Shop Steward, Verizon, and co-founder of the Verizon Strike Solidarity Committee (Live via Skype)

David Bacon: Labor journalist and author - The Right to Stay Home: How US Policy Drives Mexican Migration

Gloria Gracida - Sindicato de Jornaleros de San Quintín, Coordinator of Driscoll's Boycott

Representatives of the Centro Coordinadora Nacional de la Educación (CNTE)




The Strike at Verizon and the role of the Solidarity Committee

Labor solidarity with Black Lives’ Matter

Cross-border solidarity with farmworkers

The Fight for 5! – How the CFA built a successful campaign  

The CNTE Campaign against neoliberalism and state repression

Building labor and community support for Proposition 55

Labor and social justice – The role of the interfaith community  

Labor Solidarity with Palestinian People

Renter’s rights are worker’s rights

And more!


Lunch included with donation to conference (all funds used for future conferences)

$5     student, unemployed, retired

$10   employed

$15   Solidarity scale

(No one turned away for lack of funds)


To register, go to:


Partial list of endorsers:


SEIU Local 221

AFT Local #1931

California Faculty Association

UPTE-CWA Local# 9119


Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice

Industrial Workers of the World

Association of Raza Educators

San Diego Tenants United

And more!


For more information:

[SDCPJ] 9/19 - ASD- Stand Up for Standing Rock

Solidarity ~ Stand Up for Standing Rock, Mon. 7 pm Sept.19

Activist San Diego's
General Meeting
Joyce Beer Community Center Hillcrest
1090 Vermont, one block north of Univ. Av, across from Trader Joe’s
~ Stand Up for Standing Rock
Mon. 7 pm
Join us to
speak out for solidarity with Standing Rock! Activist San Diego (ASD) will host Standing Rock member and local Indigenous leaders, Standing Rock participants and supporters.

Over 100 Native Nations have come to support the Sioux in their right to SELF­-DETERMINATION, for frack­- free clean water, against the Dakota
Access Pipeline. Bring donations & support materials.
Come participate!
Call ahead
to speak or
if you need direction to the event
For info ­ 619­283­1100
News of Standing Rock on Democracy Now M­F 7­8 am & 6­
Join us, get involved. Become an ASD member for just a $2 per mo.
donation ­ support ASD mission to become and information,
communications and mobilizing hub for San Diego and border region

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